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ButtyLicious Lincoln's Online Transformation with SwitchUp Marketing

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    Increase the visibility of the business, reaching a wider audience and enabling them to be discovered online, ultimately boosting sales.

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    Enable customers to easily purchase products directly from the website, saving money, time, and fees compared to previous channels.

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    Allow customers to checkout via Klarna's "buy now, pay later" scheme.

Website Build

In the summer of 2023, ButtyLicious Lincoln partnered with SwitchUp Marketing to create a fresh online presence through a brand-new website. As a family-run business, ButtyLicious, led by two sisters, dreamed of having their own coffee and sandwich shop. This is where we stepped in to turn this dream into a reality, designing a user-friendly WordPress website for them.


The website that we designed was optimised for seamless viewing on all devices, ensuring a fantastic user experience, whether accessed from a desktop or mobile device. The design prioritises easy navigation and incorporates ButtyLicious’s distinctive colours and graphics, creating a unique visual identity. This consistent branding promotes recognition across all channels, contributing to a positive and recognisable presence for the business.

ButtyLicious Lincoln Website - SwitchUp Marketing

Next Steps

ButtyLicious’s physical shop opened in the heart of Lincoln in April 2018, initially planning to sell coffee and light bites. However, with hard work and support from family members, the business expanded its offerings to include a wide range of food and home-baked cakes, exceeding their initial vision. Achieving a food hygiene rating of 5 from the Food Standards Agency showcases their commitment to quality.


Our integration of Klarna on the website was a game-changer for ButtyLicious. The “buy now, pay later” system offered by Klarna became a valuable feature, encouraging more customers to make purchases while providing flexibility in payment options.

ButtyLicious Lincoln


Through collaboration with SwitchUp Marketing, ButtyLicious not only expanded its physical business but also established a strong online presence. The website’s user-friendly design and integration of Klarna’s payment system have contributed to a positive customer experience, encouraging increased engagement and sales for ButtyLicious.

Who They Are

About ButtLicious Lincoln

ButtyLicious Lincoln is a family business, run by two sisters who wanted to make their dream come true by opening a coffee and sandwich shop. With a lot of hard work and help from family, they opened their shop in Lincoln in April 2018.

At first, they just wanted to sell coffee and simple snacks. But now, the business has grown a lot. They offer a variety of food and homemade cakes, going beyond what they first planned for the business

January 2017

Buttylicious Begins: In January 2017, Shelley & Leanne decided to turn their lifelong dream of owning a coffee/sandwich shop into reality.

April 2018

Shop Opening: On the 16th of April 2018, they rented their own space and opened their very own store near Lincoln city centre at 219 Newark Road, LN5 8NP.

April 2023

New Website: After years of taking orders primarily through Just Eat & Deliveroo, they finally decided that creating their own website would be the best way forward for the business, allowing them to expand on the products that they can offer.

ButtyLicious Lincoln

Where To Find Them

ButtyLicious Lincoln is located on Newark Road, LN5 8NP, and is open from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM, Sunday to Friday. Here are some businesses located near them.

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