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Gaming Hub Worldwide's Success Journey with SwitchUp Marketing

  • Enhance User Experience

    Design a user-friendly website, ensuring seamless navigation, clear product categorisation, and responsive design for various devices.

  • Expand Online Presence

    Implement a digital marketing strategy to extend reach beyond eBay. Integrate social media and leverage online channels to increase brand visibility, attracting a wider audience and boosting sales.

  • Build Customer Engagement

    Develop website features fostering customer engagement and loyalty, including interactive elements and a responsive customer support system. The goal is to maintain trust with existing eBay customers, encouraging repeat business and positive referrals.


We’re thrilled to share a great success story from our work with Gaming Hub Worldwide, a top supplier of Rocket League items. After doing well on eBay for over two years, Gaming Hub Worldwide teamed up with SwitchUp Marketing to launch their new website. Moving from eBay to their independent site turned out to be a crucial decision, resulting in a big surge in sales and marking a significant chapter in their business journey.


SwitchUp Marketing assisted Gaming Hub Worldwide in making a significant change. The main goal was clear: reach more people, increase brand awareness, and establish a platform for the business to thrive independently. Using smart SMS and email messages, SwitchUp Marketing leveraged the trust they already had from eBay customers, which included over 1,000 positive reviews. This intelligent approach resulted in highly effective marketing that connected well with people, using the existing trust as the key to running a successful campaign.

Gaming Hub WorldWide Website - SwitchUp Marketing
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Next Steps

The launch of Gaming Hub Worldwide’s website proved to be a game-changer in every sense. The new site not only empowered the business to expand its product offerings, providing customers with a more extensive selection, but also significantly enhanced the overall customer experience. This transition contributed substantially to the success story, reflecting the positive impact of the strategic move.


The transition to an independent website not only saw a surge in sales but also enabled Gaming Hub Worldwide to better meet their customers’ changing needs. With new items regularly added to the game, this was crucial for the business. The expanded product range marked a notable achievement, positioning Gaming Hub Worldwide for continued success in the dynamic landscape of Rocket League items supply. SwitchUp Marketing’s strategic guidance and seamless execution played a key role in this transformative journey, highlighting the effectiveness of a well-executed transition and the potential for ongoing growth in the online marketplace.

Gaming Hub WorldWide


In conclusion, SwitchUp Marketing’s strategic acumen, coupled with the pre-existing trust with customers, transformed an idea into a success narrative. The shift to an independent website not only allowed Gaming Hub Worldwide to offer more and sell more but also created a lasting impression of customer satisfaction. This collaboration underscores the potency of simple, targeted marketing in propelling businesses to new heights.


Unfortunately, due complications when Psyonix sold Rocket League to Epic Games, Gaming Hub Worldwide were no longer allowed to run.

Who Are Epic Games

Epic Games is a big company that makes video games and cool software. They are known for creating popular games like Fortnite and Rocket League which lots of people around the world play. Epic Games isn’t just about games; they also made the Unreal Engine, a special tool that helps game developers create awesome graphics and realistic experiences.


Started in 1991, Epic Games has grown a lot and become a big name in the gaming world. They focus on making games that are not only fun but also push the limits of what games can do. Fortnite, for example, became a massive hit with its exciting battles and unique dances that players love. In addition to their gaming work, Epic Games is known for supporting different platforms and trying new things in the gaming industry. They are always looking for ways to make gaming more exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

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