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Web Design / Social Media Management / Web Hosting & Maintenance

Web Design & Social Media Management For Immortal Jewels

Website Build

We had the awesome opportunity to build a website for Immortal Jewels, giving them a new home away from platforms like Etsy & eBay. On top of that, we took charge of their social media channels for two months, perfectly aligning with the big launch of their fresh website.

This brand-new website, built on WordPress, opens up a world of possibilities for Immortal Jewels and their customers. Now, people can effortlessly explore a broad range of beautiful products, from necklaces and watches, to stylish bracelets and charms.

What makes the shopping experience even better? Well, you can secure these fantastic items with just a simple click, using Apple Pay or Google Pay right from the product pages. This minimises the chances of people dropping out during the checkout process, making the whole buying journey smooth and delightful.

Immortal Jewels Website - SwitchUp Marketing

Graphic Design

Craft engaging posts with attractive graphics for specific products.


Engage with potential customers using social media engagement techniques.

Affiliate Marketing

Find 10 affiliates for the business through social media outreach.

Social Media Management

We teamed up with Immortal Jewels to boost their online presence during the critical launch phase of their website. For two months, our focus was on creating captivating posts with eye-catching graphics that showcased specific products. This not only made their offerings stand out but also sparked interest among potential customers scrolling through various social media platforms.


But we didn’t stop there. We actively engaged with potential customers by using effective social media techniques. Responding to queries, encouraging discussions, and acknowledging feedback became our daily routine. This not only built a strong connection with the audience but also created a lively community around Immortal Jewels, enhancing their brand image.


In a bid to expand the business’s reach, we went on a mission to find 10 affiliates through targeted social media outreach. By identifying and collaborating with like-minded partners, we not only widened Immortal Jewels’ network but also established strong connections. Our social media strategies played a key role in elevating Immortal Jewels’ online visibility, fostering customer engagement, and successful partnerships for sustained growth.

Immortal Jewels


We provided the business a sleek and user-friendly website that smoothly runs on any device. We made shopping a breeze by adding Apple and Google Pay for quick transactions, ensuring customers easily explore and discover stunning jewellery.

On the social side, we spiced up Immortal Jewels’ online presence by crafting engaging posts with eye-catching graphics. We actively engaged with potential customers using smart social media methods. Plus, we expanded their network by finding 10 affiliates through targeted social media outreach. SwitchUp Marketing’s dual approach of web design and social media management has truly elevated Immortal Jewels’ online success.

Who They Are

About Immortal Jewels

Immortal Jewels is an online store where you can discover beautiful jewellery that tells stories and is sent worldwide. They offer a variety of pieces, each with its special meaning. All their items are crafted using top-notch materials, such as 925 silver and stainless steel, ensuring they look stunning. The jewellery draws inspiration from life’s changes and enduring styles that never go out of fashion. Immortal Jewels blend modern vibes with timeless charm, appealing to people of all ages.


But it’s not just about appearances—They also want your shopping experience to be fantastic. They are dedicated to making you happy, providing personalised service and support. They aim to make your time with Immortal Jewels as special as the jewellery itself.

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