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Web Design

Empowering Total Doors’ with a Seamless E-Commerce Experience

  • Easy Navigation

    Ensure Buy A Door Online's website is simple to use, allowing visitors to easily explore and purchase doors without confusion.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

    Make the website work seamlessly on all devices, particularly mobile phones, for convenient browsing and purchasing.

  • Visual Attraction

    Create an appealing website with high-quality visuals to showcase the range of doors, enhancing the overall online shopping experience for customers.


SwitchUp Marketing is pleased to showcase a fantastic web design case study in partnership with Total Doors, a company in the Oxfordshire glazing industry. Our goal was to create a responsive WordPress website, ensuring consistent branding and a user-friendly experience.


Total Doors specialises in selling and installing doors, serving the Oxfordshire area. They adopt a straightforward business model, directly sourcing doors from the factory and shipping them directly to customers – a strategy that eliminates storage and transportation hassles. Seeking to enhance their online presence, they  partnered with SwitchUp Marketing for a tailored solution.

Total Doors Website - SwitchUp Marketing
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Web Design

In making a website that works well on different devices, our main aim was to make it easy for people to check out all the things they have to offer. This makes it more accessible and convenient for anyone using the site. We made sure to follow Total Doors brand guidelines. This way, the website feels familiar for those who already know it and looks special for new visitors. Also, we used the affordable designs for the glazing industry from Glazing Vault to create a website that looks smooth and fits well with what they are all about.


Combining Glazing Vault’s designs with the features of WordPress gave us a website that not only looks good but is also easy to use for people interested in their products. We focused on Oxfordshire in the website design, making it simple for local people like homeowners, installers, and contractors to easily see and buy the products. Plus, by buying directly from the factory and sending products straight to the location, we made things easier for customers and removed the need for storing and moving products around. This helps Total Doors’ business run more smoothly.

Total Doors


The primary goal was to create a user-friendly platform that empowers customers to easily view and purchase door products from Total Doors. SwitchUp Marketing’s collaborative efforts resulted in a responsive, brand-consistent WordPress website seamlessly integrated with Glazing Vault. Total Doors now boasts an efficient online presence, specifically tailored to the local market, providing customers with a hassle-free and enjoyable door shopping experience.

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How They Can Help

Integrating Glazing Vault into Total Doors website brought numerous benefits. Dedicated to assisting glazing businesses without hefty costs, Glazing Vault provides budget-friendly solutions for various businesses. Whether it’s fitting glazing products into existing systems or getting support to add new products, Glazing Vault makes it simple for businesses to enhance their online presence without spending too much money.


They have a unique feature, known as “The Vault,” that acts like a special tool, assisting businesses with sales, quotes, renewals, and statistics all in one place. It makes managing a glazing business smoother and more organised, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation. Understanding the importance of having an online shop, Glazing Vault made it straightforward. Businesses can easily set up and manage their online shops, either as a standalone or part of their existing Glazing Vault website themes, providing flexibility in showcasing their products and maintaining their online style.


Recognising that every business is unique, Glazing Vault allows businesses to choose a new website theme designed specifically for an online shop or integrate a customised online shop into their existing setup. This way, businesses can showcase their products and prices while maintaining their individual online style. With Glazing Vault’s online shop features, businesses can do a lot on their own – add products, set prices, and update stock. However, it can get a bit tricky, so Glazing Vault recommends reaching out to a website designer for some help and guidance during this setup.


In a nutshell, Glazing Vault significantly improved the website, making it better and more affordable. From The Vault’s helpful tools to product integration, Glazing Vault is a friend for glazing businesses.

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