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Responsive Web Design For NJ Recovery

  • Online Presence

    Establish an online presence for the business, making them easily discoverable.

  • Project Showcase

    Showcase their current projects and work.

  • Trust

    Build trust with potential customers.

Website Build

We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with NJ Recovery in crafting a brand-new website for their 24-hour recovery business. This exciting project aimed to not only boost their brand visibility but also to extend their reach to audiences in and around Lincolnshire.



The website serves a dual purpose – showcasing their impressive work and establishing trust with customers. Our team accomplished this by developing a fully responsive website utilising WordPress, guaranteeing that customers can effortlessly explore the site and conveniently connect with the business. We take pride in contributing to NJ Recovery’s online presence and look forward to the positive impact it will have on their business.

NJ Recovery Website - Jenna & Nick Adair - SwitchUp Marketing

Next Steps

Our focus on user experience ensured that the website was easy to use. The website features a clean layout with easily accessible menus, ensuring visitors can quickly find the information they need. Whether it’s learning about NJ Recovery’s services, exploring their past projects, or getting in touch, the navigation is streamlined for a seamless experience. This user-centric approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also encourages prolonged engagement with the site.


Recognising the diverse ways users access the internet, we implemented a responsive design. This means that whether potential customers are browsing the site on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the website adapts and maintains optimal functionality. This flexibility not only fits the likes of different users but also makes sure that the NJ Recovery website looks good and works smoothly on any device. Because of this, the business can easily connect with lots of people, reaching them wherever they are online.

NJ Recovery


In wrapping up our web design project for NJ Recovery, we’re excited to present a brand-new website! Now, whenever you visit, whether on a computer or a phone, the site will look great and work smoothly. It’s designed to make things easy for you. We hope this helps NJ Recovery connect with even more people in Lincolnshire and beyond. If you ever need assistance, their website is just a click away!

Who They Are

About NJ Recovery

NJ Recovery, owned by Nick and Jenna Adair, is a dependable 24-hour recovery business specialising in moving vehicles and providing roadside assistance in Lincoln. This family-run business takes pride in delivering dedicated recovery and transportation services across Lincolnshire.


Founded in 2021, NJ Recovery has quickly become a trusted name, successfully helping over 500 vehicles in different situations. Their rich experience ensures they can handle any job with ease, and they are dedicated to offering top-notch services, promising support in every situation.


Nick and Jenna Adair are really dedicated. They handle each job with care, making sure it fits the customer’s needs. Since they run the business as a family, they focus a lot on making customers happy. They give a service that’s not just good but also friendly, going above what you’d normally expect. NJ Recovery isn’t just a business for them; it shows how much the Adair family wants to help the local community deal with vehicle issues easily and well.

NJ Recovery

Where To Find Them

NJ Recovery is a 24-hour recovery business, meaning they can support you anytime throughout the day. They cover Lincolnshire and surrounding areas, and they aren’t tied down to just one location. If you need dependable vehicle recovery services, be sure to reach out to NJ Recovery!

Fun Fact!

The RAC reports more than 2.5 million roadside assistance calls each year, which means there are around 7,000 breakdowns happening across the country every day. While these numbers might seem surprising for the everyday driver, research indicates that various factors have led to this increase over the years. 

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