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The Gaming Wizardd's Growth with a User-Friendly Website and Business Cards


SwitchUp Marketing is thrilled to share a success story from our collaboration with The Gaming Wizardd, a multinational gaming accessories site. Our mission was clear: to boost their online presence through a fully functional WordPress website and to design some creative business cards.


The Gaming Wizardd, renowned for its diverse gaming accessories, had outgrown platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. In 2021, they took a bold step, launching their dedicated website. Recognising the need for a website that not only showcased products but also offered a seamless shopping experience, SwitchUp Marketing stepped in.

The Gaming Wizardd Website - SwitchUp Marketing
The Gaming Wizardd Business Cards - SwitchUp Marketing

Website Build + Business Cards

Our approach involved crafting a fully functional WordPress website that not only displayed The Gaming Wizardd’s gaming accessories but also ensured smooth navigation and accessibility across all devices. With a focus on mobile users, our specific approach optimised the website for mobile platforms, providing a user-friendly experience for customers browsing on their smartphones. To enhance the purchasing process, we integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay directly from the product page, streamlining the checkout process for a quick and hassle-free payment experience.


In addition to the website, we designed the business eye-catching business cards that accompanied every order. These cards, beyond adding a professional touch, served as a valuable branding tool. With a promotion code strategically placed on the back, offering a 10% discount on future orders, the business cards became an effective customer retention strategy, delighting existing customers and encouraging repeat business.

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The outcomes were significant. The launch of The Gaming Wizardd’s dedicated website marked a successful transition from eBay and Facebook Marketplace, providing a centralised platform for their products. The mobile-friendly optimisation contributed to a positive user experience, catering to the growing number of mobile users in the gaming community. The integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay simplified the payment process, reducing cart abandonment and making it easier for customers to complete their purchases. The business cards, with the added promotion code, proved to be an effective customer retention strategy, encouraging repeat business and fostering loyalty.


In conclusion, SwitchUp Marketing’s collaboration with The Gaming Wizardd resulted in a successful online expansion and enhanced customer engagement. The combination of a user-friendly website and smart branding strategies has positioned The Gaming Wizardd for sustained growth in the competitive gaming accessories market.

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